Pilot phase for Knauf Circular®

16 March 2020

Knauf Circular®, the Knauf group’s new EPS (expanded polystyrene) waste collection and recycling service, is being rolled out across South-East France from mid-February, for a pilot phase of several months, prior to launching a nationwide service.

In the pilot phase, Knauf Circular® is being rolled out across 19 departments in South-East France.

The challenge of this pilot phase ?

Above all, validating the Knauf Circular service process with its service users: agreements, information collection, collection bag take-back conditions, promotion of the service with businesses, service user satisfaction, etc.

Then understanding and measuring the efficiency of the programme, as it is rolled out.

  • For EPS waste from the construction sector, which wholesalers and contractors would be interested in setting up a Knauf Circular agreement, why, and via which worksites and applications?
  • For packaging and filler material waste, how does this collection and recycling service impact industrial firms, the retail sector, and the recycling centres concerned?

All these questions will need to be answered to validate the process prior to a nationwide roll-out.

In Knauf’s view, the success of the circular economy for EPS, a material with incomparable qualities in terms of its applications, is now dependent on recycling it as close to the point of use as possible: worksites, wholesalers, industrial sites, retail stores, recycling centres. Therefore, it is necessary to take action to convert the increased awareness of the recyclability of EPS into collection and recycling. This will bring things full circle: EPS, a recyclable and recycled material!

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