The Knauf group’s EPS activity in the packaging sector

Knauf Industries is an international expert in the design and manufacture of protective packaging and technical parts. With a staff of 2200 people and 42 plants located in 8 countries, including 19 polystyrene plants in France, Knauf Industries is involved in the agri-food, housing, industrial, automotive, household appliance, and health sectors.

For 40 years, the group has been providing expanded polystyrene and cellular resin protection and logistic packaging solutions.

These products are developed by the ID Lab R&D centre, whose main duties are:

  • design: optimising creations while factoring in the environment and guaranteeing the performance of the solutions provided
  • prototyping: coming up with items within a short time-frame to make customers’ decision-making process easier
  • testing: validating the performance of solutions with tests conducted in-house or by our specialised and certified partner laboratories
  • tailored technical support: drafting and following up certification applications submitted to certifying bodies such as LNE, GALIA, ISTA, etc.
  • The development of new circular materials, like NEOPS®, a new material, certified from biomass resources (green waste)

Knauf Industries packaging materials, for packaging, protection and shipping

Sturdy and shock-absorbent, ISymoov® is a range of products from Knauf Industries, including strong, lightweight handling solutions, that have a low carbon footprint and are 100% recyclable.

It is specially designed for product storage and shipping, at all levels of the supply chain.

ISymoov®, combining a lightweight design and performance, is the eco-responsible choice for developing your new solutions tailored to today’s specific logistic needs.

Thermal insulation

Knauf industries develops isothermal solutions for heat-sensitive products. They are pre-qualified as per NF S99 -700, +2°C /+ 8°C, +15°C/+25°C from 48 hours to 96 hours. They guarantee compliance with fundamental supply chain requirements: safety, protection and logistics.


Technical parts from Knauf Industries

Knauf Industries designs and manufactures an array of technical parts for the automotive, HVAC, household appliance sector, etc. These parts help reduce the overall environmental impact thanks to their lightweight design, their mechanical strength, or their thermal performance.


Seafood packaging

The Knauf Industries Agri-food product range is made up of packaging specifically intended for all the stages of fish and seafood packaging: from the fishing stage (handling) to bulk packaging (packs, boxes) and subsequently consumer packages at the point of sale (trays, display platters).

Knauf Industries Agri-food provides its clients with expanded polystyrene packaging solutions, thermoforming and plastic injection moulding, accounting for hygiene and food safety. Environmental and recyclability requirements for packaging materials are a priority. Knauf Industries Agri-food is developing collection and recycling programmes for its packaging materials, ensuring that they can be incorporated in an existing sorting and recycling programme.

Knauf Industries Agri-food encourages novelty and innovation to provide more effective solutions for seafood industry professionals’ needs.

Knauf’s commitments

In packaging:

Developing polystyrene packaging material recycling is a priority for Knauf Industries.

We are developing this:

  • In-house: we recycle polystyrene in our factories by incorporating it into our production when possible, taking into account the regulations. Our industrial packing filler materials incorporate a variable proportion of recycled material.
  • Externally: we work in collaboration with recycling professionals to provide a channel for recycling our products.

Knauf Industries is a member of Elipso, an association of firms from the plastic packaging sector, with a strong commitment to driving the circular economy. As such, in the context of the FREC (circular economy roadmap), Knauf Industries made an official commitment in July 2018 to the French ministries and authorities to re-incorporate 4,000 tonnes per year of recycled expanded polystyrene into its industrial packing filler materials and logistics/handling packaging solutions, by 2023.

Our construction activity

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