Types of EPS collected

Types of EPS collected by Knauf Circular®

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is 100 % recyclable. It can be reintroduced into the production of new products indefinitely.

Types of EPS accepted

  • Clean EPS, free from food or worksite residue and from any other substance.
  • EPS of different shapes, sizes or densities.
  • The presence of dust and traces of soil is tolerated.

Types of EPS disallowed

The EPS must not contain or be associated with any foreign body.


White EPS and grey EPS waste and cuttings must be separated.

EPS waste accepted

The types of EPS accepted in Knauf Circular® bags (or, as per your agreement, in specific containers such as pallets or big bags):

Clean EPS waste only: Grey or white or mottled construction-grade EPS (waste from insulating panels), packaging materials and technical filler materials

Clean EPS
Clean EPS
Clean EPS
Clean EPS
Clean EPS
Clean EPS
Clean EPS

EPS waste disallowed

  • EPS from deconstruction (demolition or renovation sites).
  • Presence of other construction waste, food waste, cutting tools, etc.
Presence of cardboard
Presence of plaster
Presence of adhesive tape
Presence of wooden stick
Presence of glue or chimical residues
Presence of concrete
Presence of wood fiber, wood wool
Presence of foreign materials (screws, staples, etc.)
Presence of food residues (soiled packaging trays)

Other disallowed materials

not to be confused with expanded polystyrene

Presence of Polyurethane, Extruded Polystyrene, Polyethylene, PVC Polyvinyl chloride, Polypropylene, other foams, etc.

PVC plastic
Miscellaneous plastics
Miscellaneous plastics
XPS extruded polystyrene
PU polyurethane
PU polyurethane
Miscellaneous plastics

Have you collected clean EPS waste?

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