Take-back process

Contact Knauf Circular to request on-site bag collection.

Bags will be collected within the time-frame specified in your agreement.

Take care to prepare bags correctly before collection

Waste from insulating panels, packaging materials or technical filler materials, in Knauf Circular bags (or in specific containers such as pallets or big bags as per your agreement).

You have separated white EPS and grey EPS waste into different bags.

You have checked that the bags only contain clean EPS :

  • No EPS from deconstruction/renovation works.
  • No EPS with traces of glue or cement
  • No other materials in particular plastics such as PU, XPS, PE, etc.
  • No labels, adhesives, plastic film, etc.
  • No food waste (fish, fishbones, etc.)
  • No food packaging (cans, etc.)

The bags are closed firmly to prevent adding further waste and to facilitate transport (a tie is supplied with the bag).

The minimum number of bags as per your agreement has been reached.

Be mindful of on-site bag collection conditions (worksite, industrial site, supermarket, recycling centre, etc.):

  • Site accessible by the carrier. In case of difficult access, please specify it when you call.
  • Visual check of contents by the transporter. If in doubt, please refer to the types of EPS collected by Knauf Circular.
  • Loading is performed by you and not by the transporter.
  • You draft and sign a waste tracking document specifying the EPS wasteclassification (packaging or construction), the quantities collected and their destination.
  • This document, available to download here, must be duly completed and legible.
  • You hand it over to the transporter at the time of collection. The transporter will sign it and hand it over to Knauf / Knauf Industries.
  • This document, which ensures the traceability of your waste, will be returned to you after signature by Knauf / Knauf Industries.

Please specify when calling:

  • The number of bags of clean EPS to be collected
  • The type of EPS waste collected (waste from insulating panels, white EPS or grey EPS, packaging, technical filler materials, etc.)
  • The address of the site and its accessibility
  • The reference of your Knauf Circular agreement
  • Possible time-slots for collection
  • On-site contact (name, phone)

The bags will be shipped to a Knauf Group facility authorised to receive this waste for recycling purposes. The waste will be processed into new products.

Which types of EPS are collected?

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