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11 February 2021

There is challenge in bringing expanded polystyrene into a circular economy!

The Knauf Group, the world’s leading EPS processor, wants to preserve the uses of this product with the Knauf Circular® EPS waste recycling service. Expanded polystyrene is a particularly efficient, economical and healthy insulation. It is also an ideal material for isothermal and protective packaging.

Because EPS is 100% recyclable, it must now be recycled and thus meet the primary environmental challenges of combating waste, landfill and incineration, and even illegal dumping.

By extending its collection and recycling service to the whole of France in 2021, the Knauf Group is providing a local solution to construction companies and materials dealers, manufacturers and supermarkets, seafood professionals and waste collection centers.

With a network of 18 plants, all equipped with waste crushing and compacting facilities by the end of 2020, Knauf Circular® guarantees the signatories of the agreement the on-site collection and recycling of the clean waste generated by their activity. This waste is recycled into new polystyrene products, new building insulation, new packaging and cushioning, and everyday products (clothes hangers, pens, flower pots, etc.).

On a daily basis, it is the EPS waste from insulation or construction sites, used packaging, fish boxes, etc. that will be taken back on site and recycled. It will also be possible for some businesses to increase the collection from their customers, the installation companies, and for some waste disposal centers to open an EPS reprocessing channel. As we know, the most difficult thing is to collect these small volumes, scraps or used packaging.

After a pilot phase in 2020 in the southeast of France, the service will be rolled out throughout 2021, led by Knauf sales representatives and plant managers and supported by targeted communication.

We are convinced that companies are interested in Knauf Circular, which represents a reliable, pragmatic and economical solution for managing their EPS waste and which meets their new regulatory obligations.

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