knauf circular®

Knauf Circular® gives a new of life to expanded polystyrene waste.


Promote sustainable management of your EPS waste

Knauf, Knauf Industries, Isobox Isolation, Isobox Agromer are joining you in this drive with the creation of the Knauf Circular® programme, ensuring that your EPS waste will be recycled into new products.

The process

Latest news

Find out the latest news from the Knauf group’s expanded polystyrene waste recycling department.

ETICS EPS waste is recycled with Knauf Circular®

1 September 2020

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Restarting of activity and recycling of your EPS waste

5 June 2020

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Waste take-back process

Organise on-site collection and ensure that your EPS will be recycled.

EPS material

With 98% air and 2% material, it is recyclable and recycled.

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Service stakeholders

Firms in the expanded polystyrene (EPS) construction insulating material, packaging material and technical part sector.

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